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You can configure webhook endpoints via the Bulkpe Web Dashboard to be notified about events that happen in your Bulkpe account or connected Bank accounts.

Navigate to your Bulkpe Web Dashboard -> Settings -> Webhooks to do the same.

In the Bulkpe system, we manage webhooks through three distinct types:

  1. Debit: This type provides callbacks for all payout scenarios, encompassing virtual accounts and sub-virtual accounts. It covers both successful and failed transactions.
  2. Credit: This type facilitates callbacks for all pay-ins, whether directed to your virtual account, sub-virtual account, or collected through payment gateways.
  3. Bank Verification: This type of webhook generates callbacks for various verification APIs, including penny drop, reverse penny drop, and other non-sync verification processes.

Our webhook system ensures comprehensive coverage and timely notifications across diverse transaction types. Feel free to explore and integrate these functionalities into your system seamlessly.