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Debit Webhook

This callback will be triggered when funds are debited from your Bulkpe account. Add your Webhook endpoint from Bulkpe Dashboard -> Settings -> Webhooks.

Transaction status handling
Please refer to this page for the list of statuses you will receive in "trx_status" field of debit webhooks.
{ "status": true, "statusCode": 200, "data": { "reference_id": "TNX00177", "transcation_id": "TETRAREF02912368", "trx_status": "SUCCESS", "account_holder_name": "", "trx_message": "Success", "beneficiaryName": "Sathya", "account_number": "aintworried@axl", "ifsc": "", "amount": 1, "payment_mode": "UPI", "utr": "325855006923", "type": "Debit", "isVirtualAccount": false, "SubVaId": "", "vaName": "", "SubVaAccountNumber": "", "createdAt": "2023-09-15T13:19:24.702Z", "updatedAt": "2023-09-15T13:19:32+00:00" }, "message": "" }