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Fetch Transaction Status

Use this API to get status of any transaction.


Method: POST

Auth: Please refer to the Authorization page.

{ "transcation_id":"TRAREF0002211613" //use Bulkpe Transaction ID or "reference_id": "572D2024030805141585328zMxCZI" //use your internal reference ID } //only one input is accepted.
{ "status": true, "statusCode": 200, "data": { "transcation_id": "TRAREF000624", "beneficiaryName": "sathya ", "account_number": "50100301022325676", "ifsc": "HDFC0000683", "amount": 1, "payment_mode": "", "payment_remark": "From Pied Piper using Bulkpe", "status": "SUCCESS", "utr": "", "holderName": "Sathya ", "type": "Debit", "settelment_amount": "1.00", "closing_balance": "436.90", "createdAt": "2022-07-20T08:59:09.744Z", "updatedAt": "2022-07-20T08:59:09.744Z" }, "message": "" }

You can refer to this page to understand handling different states of transaction status