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Bank Verification Sync

Use this API to drop a penny to get the account holder's name. The key distinction from the Bank Verification API is SYNC. In this API, the account holder's name is included in the response, while for the other, you'll need to call the status API to obtain the account holder's name.


Method: POST

Auth: Please refer to the Authorization page.

{ "reference_id": "TEST122332", //unique id, mandatory "account_number": "7722771002", //no special characters allowed "ifsc": "UTIB0CCH274" }
{ "status": true, "statusCode": 200, "data": { "beneCode": "APIBENEF4405657", "account_holder_name": "Here comes the account holder name as per bank", "beneName": "BulkpePenny3405657", "beneAccNum": "7722771002", "beneIfscCode": "UTIB0CCH274", "transcation_id": "TRAREF0004405656", "reference_id": "TEST122332", "amount": 1, "payment_remark": "From Fintech Private Limited using Bulkpe", "payment_mode": "IMPS", "status": "FAILED", "message": "Successfull" }, "message": "" }