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Connected Account Statement

This API is only applicable to Connected Bank Accounts. Bulkpe Virtual Account users will not get a successful response. For VA users please use Get Statement API.


Method: POST

Auth: Please refer to the Authorization page.

This API triggers your partner bank to send your bank account statement directly to your email. Please note that the processing time for your request may increase based on the amount of data requested (such as the number of days or transactions in the statement).
{ "fromDate": "21/08/2022", "toDate": "31/08/2022", "email": "[email protected]", //to which the statement file will be sent "type": "1" //1 for csv and 2 for pdf file output via email }
{ "status": true, "statusCode": 200, "data": {}, "message": "Request sent to bank successfully, you will receive a file as it gets processed" }