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UPI Collect Request

This API will send a UPI collection request to the user TPAP (Phonepe, Google pay). Please note you’re required to call the Validate VPA API before calling the UPI Collect Request. Only trigger the UPI Collect request if the VPA is verified successfully. Otherwise, display a generic error message such as "Invalid UPI ID".

curl --location '' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXXXXX' \ --data-raw '{ "amount": 10, "redirectUrl": "", "referenceId": "TESTTRX011", "note": "Test", "vpa": "test@vpa" }'

Note: Please display a 480-second timer on the UI for UPI Collect requests, while simultaneously checking for the Get transaction status API. If a success/failure response is received within 480 seconds, display the status accordingly and close the timer.