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Sub Virtual Accounts

Sub Virtual Accounts are virtual accounts under a Master virtual account of Bulkpe User.

These Sub VAs can be used for payment collection and payout purposes.

To get Sub VA feature enabled for your Bulkpe Account, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Sub Virtual Account for collection and payouts
Sub Virtual Account for collection and payouts

You can follow this API integration flow for a smoother go-live experience:

  1. Integrate the "Create Sub VA" API to create a new sub virtual account. In the response, you will get an account number and IFSC. Use these to add/receive money into the sub virtual account.
  2. Set up the "Credit Webhook" to receive callbacks whenever there is a credit to the sub virtual account.
  3. Integrate the Fetch, List, UpdateActivate, and Deactivate Sub VA APIs to manage the virtual account.
  4. If you would like to make payouts from the sub virtual account, set up the "Payout from Sub VA" API to make the payouts. (Please note that the payout money will be debited from the Sub VA and the Bulkpe charges will be debited from the Master VA. If either of them does not have sufficient balance, we will return an "Insufficient balance" response in the API.)
  5. To pull a list of transactions, you can use the "Get Statement" API, which will provide the transaction history for both Sub VA and Master VA.