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Create PG Link

Use this API to create a Payment Gateway Link to redirect and collect payments from your customers.

Supported Payment Modes:

UPI Credit Card Debit Card
Net Banking Wallets Bank EMI

Payment Flow:

  1. Create a PG Link using this API.
  2. Redirect your payer to the link in a browser.
  3. The payer completes the payment.
  4. Receive a webhook from Bulkpe with the collection status.

Set up Webhook from the Bulkpe Web App - learn more.

Overall Payment Collection flow
Overall Payment Collection flow


Method: POST

Auth: Please refer to the Authorization page.

{ "reference_id": "REF0028", //should be an unique value "amount": 50000, "name": "Sathya", //payer name "phone": "9999888899", //payer phoe "email": "[email protected]", //payer email "success_url": "", //payment success redirection "failure_url": "" //payment failed redirection }

Note: All body params are mandatory

{ "status": true, "statusCode": 200, "data": { "reference_id": "REF0028", "transaction_id": "TEBPPG0012", //Bulkpe Transaction ID "redirectUrl": "", "amount": 50000, "name": "Sathya", "phone": "9999888899", "email": "[email protected]", "success_url": "", "failure_url": "" }, "message": "" }