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Payout from Sub VA

Use this API to make a payout from a sub-virtual account. Post the payout initiated and then processed, you will receive a callback from our system (setup callback) with the status of the Payout or you can call the Fetch Transaction Status API to get the payout status.


Method: POST

Auth: Please refer to the Authorization page.

{ "amount": 1, "account_number": "7722771002", "payment_mode": "IMPS", //IMPS, UPI, RTGS, NEFT allowed "reference_id": "TNX00121", //unqiue ID "transcation_note": "test", //optional "beneficiaryName": "Sathya", "ifsc": "UTIB0CCH274", "vaId": "TESVA0040" //from which the debit should happen "upi": "aintworried@axl" //conditional based on payment_mode (only for UPI) }
{ "status": true, "statusCode": 200, "data": { "beneCode": "APIBENEF3164909", "beneName": "Sathya", "beneAccNum": "7722771002", "beneIfscCode": "UTIB0CCH274", "beneAcType": 10, "transcation_id": "TRAREF0003164908", "amount": 1, "payment_remark": "test", "payment_mode": "UPI", "status": "PENDING", "vaId": "SVA003", "message": "Transaction Initiated!" }, "message": "Transcation Processing" }